Saturday, 21 February 2015

Download MSP 345 Champion Plus Driver

Download MSP 345 Champion Plus Driver
Driver Download
Win 3.1
Win 95 / 98 / ME
Win NT
Win 2000
Win 2003
Win XP
Win Vista
Word Star 7
Word Perfect 5.1
Harvard Graphics
Specification Brochures


1) Unbeatable 2Year Warranty - Lowest Cost of Ownership
All Champion Series Printers come with 2 Year Warranty. The warranty includes the PRINTHEAD. This warranty is available in 212 locations in India, by far the largest network of cities for customer warranty support amongst DMP vendors.

2) 200Million Characters Printhead - Hi-Life, Reliable Printhead
All Champion Series Printers come with 200Million Characters Printhead. The performance of the printer throughout the life of the printer depends on the life of the Printhead. HIGHER THE LIFE, BETTER THE PERFORMANCE.

3) 10Million Character TVS Ribbon Cassette - Lowest cost of Printing
The Patented TVS Ribbon Cassette with the High Density Fabric, unique Inkbank technology cuts the cost of printing by a whopping 70%, by printing upto 10 million characters per Inkbank - Huge cost savings annually! The thoughtfully designed ribbon fabric lasts upto 40 million characters, saving customers upto Rs.1000/- per year on cost of printing alone! Whats more unique, the user can replace the INKBANK by himself, thus eliminating downtime and saving his/her hands from getting dirty

4) Excellent Multi-part Printing capability
The uniquely designed pins in the Printhead create extra impact on the multi-part paper thus delivering higher copy capability with excellent clarity even on the last copy.

Self Lubricating bush-no more Carriage struck, lowest downtime.

Specially made carriage design with a self lubricating "SELICON" bush make carriage struck problem a thing of the past. This reduces down time. No more oiling! No more Carriage struck!

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